Grills, Grill Accessories & Ovens

Enjoy a better BBQ. Everyone knows that food can make or break a backyard party. See what we've got cooking by shopping Schech's wide selection of BBQ grills and grill accessories.

Schech's Pool Spa Patio is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor grilling needs. Your new grill will be the star of the party, so make sure she's got everything she needs to keep that party going.


Napoleon Grills®

These grills offer premium craftsmanship and precision cooking. Each grill is made with high-grade, 304 true stainless steel to resist rust while giving a sleek modern look. Furthermore, the cast iron, porcelain-coated reversible cooking grates redistribute heat for even cooking. Use the round side for juicy meats and the flat for tender ones.
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Ovens & Smokers

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Fervor® Grills

Taking time to relax and enjoy simple, delicious home cooked meals with family and friends or backyard entertaining on the grander scale – they’re just some of things we’re passionate about. We’re just as passionate about Fervor™ – our beautiful range of high quality gas grills and sophisticated accessories. With Fervor’s gas grills and accessories you’ll discover products forged in tradition, yet bursting with passion and innovation. Innovation to offer up fresh new tastes. As any good chef will tell you, using the best equipment is going to give you better results. So indulge your passion for great food and entertaining …with Fervor™.
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