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3 Tips to Maintaining Your Spa

Tip #1

Bring us a water sample every month for a free water analysis. The test results not only keep you and your family safe, but the balancing helps keep your spa looking and running well for years.  Put a clean cartridge in the spa once a month also.

Tip #2

Drain, clean and refill your spa at least once every three months. Total Dissolved Solids and Phosphates build up in the water and, at some point, can not be removed by the filters. New water will save you money on chemicals and aggravation about a cloudy spa. Total dissolved solid count can be tested for in our lab. Kind of relates to tip one!

Tip #3

Clean your cover and spa surround at least once every three months. The cover should be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner, rinsed, and dried (if possible). Leaving the cover off the spa for several hours will allow the moisture accumulation in the cover to evaporate, thereby extending the life of the cover.


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