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5 Tips to Open Your Pool

#1 When it comes to opening your pool, sooner is better than later

Your pool can be opened as soon as the chance of freezing has gone. Cold water is easier and less expensive to clean. The opening chemicals will last longer in cold water plus algae growth is stunted. 

#2 Hook up your equipment before you remove your solid winter cover

Hooking up your equipment first, especially on an aboveground pool, will allow you to add water under the cover. The higher water raises the cover up and will make the cover much easier to remove.

#3 Remove as much debris from your cover and pool with your leaf skimmer as possible

Manually removing the larger leaves and debris from the pool and cover allows the filter and chemicals to work on the smaller debris. The pool will clear up much faster.

#4 Circulate the pool for 24 hours before you take a water sample

Water testing is the single most important task you perform on your pool. Proper water testing, preferably computerized, can help keep your water clear, soft, sanitized and sparkling. Since minerals tend to settle into the bottom of your pool over the winter, proper circulation allows for an accurate count of what’s in the water. 

#5 Clean your outdoor furniture while you are cleaning your pool cover

A good cover cleaner will do wonders on your outside furniture. And let’s face it, by the end of your pool opening you are pretty wet and dirty so why not keep going and finally clean that furniture! You’ll be happy to be able to relax in the Spring weather on clean chairs.


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