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7 Reasons for Using Your Spa

Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

In general, immersing yourself in hot water widens blood vessels and sends nutrient-rich blood throughout your body.

Helps With Aches And Pains

Warm water brings down swelling and loosens tight muscles. The water’s buoyancy takes the weight off painful joints.

Releases Toxins From Your Body

Improves Your Sleep

Sleep is essential for the body to restore itself. I know lots of people who use their spa in the morning to reduce pain but I love my spa in the evening to relax so I can fall asleep quickly.

Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Can Help with Diabetes and Weight Loss

Can make it fun to spend time with that special someone

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Can help restore mental balance

I think this may depend on who you are sharing the spa with, but in general, a 20-minute soak can improve your day immensely!


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