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Dolphin Active Automatic Pool Cleaners

Vacuuming your pool can be a strange chore. Some people love spending an hour slowly walking around the pool, in the sun and air, and it’s almost a zen experience for them. For most of us it’s just another chore!

If you’re like me, and don’t need another thing to do, consider buying an automatic vacuum. 

An automatic pool cleaner will clean the bottom (and walls depending on the model) of your pool.  You will need to put it in and out of the pool once or twice a week. Most newer models have timers but you still don’t want the cleaner in the pool 24/7. All models have some type of basket or cartridge that needs to be cleaned. Our Dolphin Actives have a very convenient basket.

Many customers name their cleaners. Please share the name with us, we love to hear them. Many customers sit in a deck chair and watch the cleaner do its job, just another way to enjoy the sun and air.


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