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How to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

  1. Remove large debris such as leaves or pebbles. 
  2. Add Spa Guard System Flush. 
  3. Run your jets for about 15-30 minutes. 
  4. Drain your spa.
  5. Clean your filter cartridges with Filter Cleaner or replace them with new ones.
  6. Clean front and back of spa pillows with Off The Wall and a clean sponge or mitt.
  7. Clean the top, bottom, and seams of the spa cover with Cover Cleaner.
  8. Clean the spa water line with Off The Wall.
  9. Rinse off the spa & drain any remaining water.
  10. Refill the spa. Use a pre-filter if you have any metals in your source water.
  11. Balance the spa water or bring us a sample so we can test it.


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