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Why Its Important To Test The Water

So you just opened your pool, the water is clear and you think you are good to go…. not quite…. Here are some reasons you need to get a professional pool water test a minimum of every 6 weeks.

Testing your pool is a regular part of pool ownership. It’s essential to maintaining water that is crystal clear and algae free. It’s also important to maintain a good balance of chemicals in your pool because improper water chemistry can cause long and short term damage. Just because the pool water is clear does not mean it is safe.

Excessive chlorine levels can damage solar blankets, pool equipment, and bathing suits.   You should be home testing your pool water’s chlorine and pH levels every week. Maintaining proper water chemistry will reduce the amount of work needed to maintain the pool. Regular testing also tends to reduce the amount of overall chemicals you will need through the season. 

Being consistent with your water testing helps ensure you have clean and sanitized water. Swimming pools can be exposed to many forms of debris, dirt and grime from nearby trees and other sources. If the water is not maintained properly, it will eventually build up and create an unsafe pool water environment. 

Pool water testing is also critical because it helps the water and chlorine to remain non-toxic from external environmental conditions. If the proper chemical levels are not properly maintained, the chlorine can become unhealthy to the skin, eyes and internals if swallowed by swimmers in the water.

Without proper water testing, any kind of chemical treatment would be guesswork. This approach can have damaging effects on the pool. Once your swimming pool water has been tested, then you can go ahead and regulate the pH by treating the water with the proper chemicals. You should never add pool chemicals for the sake of adding them.

Swimming pool water should always be clear in normal daylight conditions. If the water appears discolored it means that there is something unhealthy with the water and it should be tested. Regular water testing will help you determine the problem so you can fix the issue. 


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